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Our services

SPMC Holding provides the following services to the manufacturing companies:

  1. Acting as a representative of a foreign company in Russia and CIS

We perform the following representative functions: processing of client requests, assisting in the selection of the equipment (spare parts, etc.), agreeing upon the technical specifications and coordinating the delivery.

  1. Market research

We conduct market research and analysis for each prospect market segment and group of consumers. Based on the obtained data, we determine the optimal strategy for the promotion and the development scheme for different items.

  1. Advertizing campaign

We promote the products via the most advanced and effective channels of communication with the customers. The manufacturer provides discounts on his products instead of paying the advertising costs.

  1. Supply

We ensure that the manufacturers are exempt from any difficulties related to the delivery of their products to Russia and CIS countries.

  1. Logistics

The structure of SPMC holding comprises a logistics company which enables prompt delivery of the equipment and materials world-wide.

  1. Engineering and design

During engineering works our company introduces your equipment at the early design stage, thus providing a guaranteed outcome.

  1. Warranty/after-sales service

We supply consumables and spare parts for the warranty / after-sales service. Highly qualified staff is able to perform maintenance works of any complexity.